My Experience AAIMCO, Kevin Hromas & Peter Marchel ​ –  Here is why membership is not recommended… 

I am writing this review because of my bad experience with what I feel is a very poorly run organization.  The leadership at AAIMCO did not properly address a code of conduct violation after one of their members violated the code. The member who violated the code is Kevin Hromas who now President of the organization. So let’s see, someone violated the code of conduct, apparently no action it taken and this person is now the President of the organization!  One can conclude that their code of conduct is meaningless and perhaps more of a marketing ploy to try to convince the outside world that this organization has standards when they don’t really don’t, at least is my experience. See below Mr. Hromas rude reply to my request to be removed from the email chain:


Since you were dropping your membership in AAIMCO because you didn’t feel like you got anything out of your membership… even though you have never been to one of the conferences … the bigger question is “why do you give a crap”? 

Tag the “Members” email address as spam and as of Jan 1, you’ll be off the ListServ.

Kevin Hromas


His rudeness has a number of bad angles to it. First of all, the group tends to be pushy about members being at their annual meeting and since I have never attended, it seems like he wanted to rub it in (no freedom, do as Hromas states or you will be insulted).  By the way, when someone hits “spam,” it damages the sending score of that sender, so he is telling me to damage the sending score of the AAIMCO organization.

I would think most professionals know that this is not an appropriate way to communicate with others, perhaps this is a personality flaw he has. Nevertheless, a minimum he should have immediately apologized, but to this day (2 years later), I have not received any apology. Essentially he means what he wrote and doesn’t seem to care about his reputation.

I replied back:


Personally Kevin, I think you should turn in your resignation with such an email like this, I can’t imagine such conduct is acceptable in this fine organization.”


I had to write a follow up email asking the President of the organization (at the time), Peter Marchel, to address this. He did not want to address it in writing, so Mr. Marchel agreed to call me a few days later to discuss.  Basically his phone call amounted to nothing, it was a waste of time and the only thing he was hoping for was  that I renew my membership. He tried to tell me you give each guy a chance, if he blows it a few times, then it can be addressed. But do they have a formal write up when someone does this? As far as I know, none nor did Mr. Marchel state there were any procedures.

Also why did it take them so long to address it. Why is someone who responded so rudely still on the board, let alone now the President of the organization (as of 9/2020)? Hence it appears he was protected and the code of conduct is a fake front that does not appear to be enforced in anyway.  I don’t think Mr. Marchel cared, he didn’t take any action that he made me aware of and I can only presume he wanted to protect Mr. Hromas. I would think many would agree that this is an indication of a poorly run organization that has no standards.

As for AAIMCO (American Association of Insurance Management Consultants), I have been in this organization for 8 years. At one point, I think it was a great organization and run by very dedicated people who want to to make it a great organization. However after 8 years, I felt the organization was in decline and I know other members who have left.  I don’t think I got one piece of business nor did it advance me in anyway. I recall that other members who told me have not benefited from membership in this organization.

​Note here are I believe are violations of their Code of Ethics (as of 12/2018): 


1.05 A member shall treat each other member with the courtesy, consideration and respect which is due professional colleagues, and each member shall conduct himself/herself in the same manner by which he/she would like to be treated.

It further states:

1.01 A member shall conduct himself/herself at all times as a professional and in a manner which will maintain the good reputation, integrity and good faith of the profession. A member shall exercise due care and shall sustain his/her professional competence by keeping informed of, and complying with developments in, professional standards. Professional excellence shall be the foundation and the constant focus upon which the member’s practice is based.


Because of my experiences, I don’t recommend doing business with AAIMCO, Kevin Hromas and Peter Marchel. Who would want to do business with those who are rude, let alone a leadership that just doesn’t want to address an obvious issue? Disrespect has no place for a dues paying member of a professional organization. It defeats the purpose of membership. Kevin Hromas literally ran away, it looks like he didn’t want to own up to it. Peter Marchel in my opinion just wanted to either cover for Mr. Hromas or lacked leadership skills to properly address this.  

As for Kevin Hromas and Peter Marchel, if you don’t want write ups like this, you need to properly address your issues. You got more than one chance and to this date, I have yet at the very minimum received an apology.   It goes both ways, that is why most people don’t do what you do and if they do, then they address it. Organizations spend millions cleaning up their reputations.

If you are exploring membership in AAIMCO, you don’t need this, there are plenty of insurance organizations. Join one that will give you respect and not one where egos and arrogance prevails.